Argentina Trip 2004-2005 (I)

After such an Argentine experience in 2003, I was dreaming of returning, to see the rest of that immense and spectacular country, as well as to meet the friends I had made there.

This was made possible during one month starting at New Year 2004. Indeed, it was very tempting to have my birthday and celebrate the transition to 2005 in short sleaves and outside, sweating and looking for refreshments!

I travelled to Salta, Mendoza, Calafate, Torres del Paine in Chile, and Ushuaia. Here are the posts I have finally recovered.

Last Post from Buenos Aires, Argentina
The Beach
Trans Patagonian “Express”
Towers of Paine
Patagonian Perils
Down South – The Far End of the World: Ushuaia!
Glaciers Galore
Social Interactions
Weather Update
Empanadas con Carne without Chile
Surprise for a Buenos Aires Taxista
City Grid
Pegged to the Dollar
Salta Salta Salta
Weird Days
Saturday Mo(u)rning
Breaking News
Back to BA

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