Back in Fashion

As I just mentioned, Tango is back in fashion with the young generation here in Buenos Aires. This probably explains why most Argentines in Switzerland don’t dance it that much, as they emigrated maybe 15 years ago when Tango was still « something for the older folks ».

Therefore all courses in Lausanne are given by non-Argentines, which I fully respect, but to me that makes it lose a tiny slice of its charm.

The main difference is that here in Argentina people dance much closer to one another, and allow some distance when the movement requires it.

In Switzerland intimacy comes into play, partners (unless they know each other « very » well) don’t tend to allow naturally such a close contact, at least to my beginner’s experience.

I must admit I like it how it’s danced here… But I might have to adapt a little at my return I fear.

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